Leopard Update

Posted on January 22, 2016

With the start of 2016 there has been quite a bit happening with the Leopards at Leopard Hills.




New Female Leopard

There is a new face within our traversing area, she is a young female leopard of a couple of years old, as soon as we have some more information on her we will be sure to update you.


New Female tree New Female 2


Boulders Female

Boulders female has also been seen with two young Cubs of about 4 weeks old, hopefully they will grow up to be wonderful leopards with many special sightings.


Boulders CubsBoulders Female by Hugo Breed

Thlangisa Female

Thlangisa female has given birth to another litter consisting of 3 tiny cubs, they are now about 8-10weeks old and doing very well. We look forward to following them and update you on how they are doing.

Thlangisa and cub Thlangisa CubsThlangisa Images by Hugo Breed

Best Wishes for 2016!

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