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Within the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, the ‘Big 5’, (elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard), abound and viewing them at close proximity is our speciality. Traversing over 10,000 hectares of incredibly diverse ecosystems makes Leopard Hills the ideal destination to view plentiful game in its natural habitat.

Each day brings something different, as you explore the bush in an open game viewing vehicle. Whether it is a leopard on the hunt, lions roaring at twilight, hippo wallowing in the river, or a crocodile basking on a sandy bank; each viewing will enthrall.

Game Drives

Your knowledgeable and professional ranger conducts early morning and late afternoon/evening game drives, in search of Africa’s big game. The latest state-of-the-art open game drive vehicles, specifically designed for Leopard Hills, have individual bucket seats and centre consoles, ensuring your optimum safety and comfort. Leopard Hills prides itself with the best rangers in the business, and they offer a safari experience like no other, from sightings of big game in their natural surroundings, to the smaller flora and fauna, which make this piece of paradise a place we are privileged to call home.


Walking Trails

Exploring the African wilderness on foot provides us with a real sense of place and we become a part of the environment, absorbing every detail, leaving nothing but our tracks behind. Your senses will become tuned in to the many facets of nature that are often overlooked from a vehicle as you see, smell, hear, touch and even taste the true soul of Africa. Coming across an attractively marked leopard tortoise, watching a fascinating rhino beetle or a stunningly plumed lilac breasted roller, are just a few of the amazing encounters awaiting you!

Trails are flexible depending on each guest’s requirements. Shorter walks are conducted after the morning game drive and are usually for 1 or 2 hours. Longer walking trails can be arranged anytime and can even be in place of morning game drives.

Our walking safaris are lead by an experienced fully qualified Trails Guide who will tailor your experience based on your specific interests. After an introductory briefing on the all important “do’s and don’ts” of bush walking safaris, the trail will be structured around the fitness levels of the group. In keeping with safety regulations on guided walks, no children under 16 are permitted.


    Those with a passion for wildlife photography will be able to get various tips from their ranger on taking the perfect picture, while on their game drive or walking safari. Our rangers are avid fans of photography, many of them having entered renowned international and local competitions with great results. Please do not hesitate to ask your ranger for assistance in this regard.


    For a truly exclusive experience, why not book a private safari vehicle and guide allowing you to set your own pace on your safari. For avid birders or photographers this is a must as you can take as much time as you want on a single sighting. Please note: This is dependant on availability of vehicles and guides.


‘Big 5’ Sabi Sand Game Reserve.
Over 10 000 Hectares of Traversing.
Brand New State-of-the-art Game Viewing Vehicles.
Sensational Close-up Game Viewing.
Excellent Leopard Sightings.
Wealth of Biodiversity.
Expert Rangers & Trackers.
Birder’s Paradise.
Private Game Viewing Available.

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