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Your Day in the African Bush

An Enthralling Experience Not to be Missed

Your safari at Leopard Hills has been carefully planned around the best game viewing opportunities. The more productive times to enjoy game viewing are first thing in the morning before the heat of the day kicks in, and late afternoon as the day starts to cool down ensuring further animal movement. During the heat of the day when the animals have retreated to the shade for some respite, you get to enjoy a light lunch and time to relax around the camp, or cool off in your private plunge pool before enjoying the next round of spectacular game viewing. Not only do you get to see amazing wildlife on your morning drive, but you will enjoy a steaming cup of coffee and muffins in the middle of the African bush, while welcoming the new day. On your late afternoon drive you will stop at a special site to watch the sun set and toast to a spectacular days safari.

Darkness brings about a time of both danger and respite in the bush which allows you to possibly spot smaller carnivores such as genet or civet not usually seen during the day. This is also the time when most predators hunt so your evening game drive could potentially be the most exciting of all. For more energetic guests wanting to work up an appetite before their hearty breakfast, guided bush walks or trails are offered half way through your morning drive or in place of your morning drive. Here your guide will show you many fascinating things, sharing a secret or two about the bush.

Safari Schedule

SUMMERSCHEDULE (October - March)WINTERSCHEDULE (April - September)
05h00Wake-up call05h30Wake-up call
05h30Tea and coffee served upstairs on the deck overlooking the waterhole06h00Tea and coffee served upstairs on the deck overlooking the waterhole
05h45Your morning game drive departs 06h15Your morning game drive departs
09h00Return from your game drive and enjoy a hearty breakfast09h00Return from your game drive and enjoy a hearty breakfast
Option of a bush walk after breakfastOption of a bush walk after breakfast
13h00Lunch is served upstairs on the deck13h00Lunch is served upstairs on the deck
16h00Please join your ranger for tea, coffee and cake15h00Please join your ranger for tea, coffee and cake
16h30Your afternoon game drive departs15h30Your afternoon game drive departs
19h00Return from your drive18h30Return from your drive
19h30Enjoy pre-dinner drinks in the bar19h00Enjoy pre-dinner drinks in the bar
20h00A delicious dinner is served20h00A delicious dinner is served

Guests wishing to go on the early morning game drive, will receive a morning wake-up call at 05h00 in Summer and 05h30 in Winter. Tea and coffee is served upstairs on the deck overlooking the waterhole before departing on the drive at around 05h45 in Summer and 06h45 in Winter. The morning drive lasts approximately three hours, depending on the game viewing; whereafter breakfast is served. For the more adventurous, there is a bush walk available after breakfast, which offers an ideal opportunity to explore the smaller aspects of our environment; such as tracks, birds and insects. Lunch is served from 13h00 upstairs on the deck. After a relaxing afternoon, guests will join their ranger for tea, coffee and cake in the dining room from 16h00 in Summer and 15h30 in Winter. The evening safari departs at around 16h30 in Summer and 16h00 in Winter. Again the drive lasts approximately three hours. On arrival back at the lodge security guards guide guests back to their room to freshen up. Pre-dinner drinks are served in the bar, after which dinner follows at 20h30 in Summer and 19h30 in Winter. Note: Times are subject to weather

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An Unforgettable Safari Experience

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Included in Your Daily Itinerary:

Spectacular ‘Big 5’ game viewing. Morning and afternoon game drives daily in state-of-the-art open game viewing vehicles. Tea, filter coffee and muffins on morning game drive. Drinks and canapés at the afternoon game drive. Optional Walking Trails after a shorter morning dame drive. Optional Walking Safari in place of morning game drive.