Hyenas find a hippo

Posted on August 30, 2019

We are deep into the dry season and it certainly creates barriers for certain animals, especially when water is involved.

There are days when the bush is relatively quiet. There are days when there is a hive of activity. Recently we came across a scene that we do not see too often. Two hippopotamus bulls had a territorial dispute and unfortunately the brutal fight ended up in the death of one male.

By the time we arrived a large clan of spotted hyenas had already tucked into the carcass. A great deal of the clan was already sleeping and lying around with their bellies gorged.

It is always fascinating to see how quickly an animal gets devoured when the scavengers arrive. Between all the hyenas and vultures it does not take long before the whole area is cleaned up.

The vultures usually have to wait their turn until the hyenas move off from the carcass. There is a distinct pecking order among the various vulture species that may line up and wait their turn.

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