Cheetah on the clearings

Posted on September 25, 2019

In the same way that a cheetah never changes its spots, a cheetah hardly changes its favourite hunting grounds.

We have been cheering for two cheetahs for a few months now. They are a sibling duo that seem to have split from their mother. It seems like the twins are taking great interest in the many open clearings scattered around the property and they keep returning to the same spots.

The brother and sister combo love to take advantage of termite mounds as it offers them a higher viewing point to either scan the clearings for predators or to target prey.

While moving through and scanning the grasslands, the cheetahs have been very successful at hunting. They have mainly been catching impala, but they have also managed to take down a steenbok and a little scrub hare to satisfy their hunger.

They have experienced numerous run-ins with hyenas that came to steal their meals. This did not seem to deter them at all and we witnessed them hunting immediately afterwards again.

Image Credit: Cal Butler

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