Baby Season In The Bush

Posted on November 30, 2023
Baby season is upon us in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve!


After early rains in October, we knew it was only a matter of time before the landscape transformed. No matter how many times you witness tawny grasslands give way to lush greens, or acclimatise to still mornings filled up with the sound of Christmas beetles, it never gets old.

The rains also herald new life, or, as we like to call it – baby season.

The first sign that summer has officially arrived is the birth of baby impalas. Guests visiting us at this time of year will be treated to beautiful sightings of them frolicking together among the older members of the herd or sticking close to mum as she grazes on the new growth.

While they still need to grow into their big ears and long legs, these gangly youngsters, with their tiny, twitching noses, are graceful from birth and infinitely adorable!

At this time of year, we also see cubs emerging from their dens, having grown big enough to play out in the open under careful supervision.

At Leopard Hills, our guides have kept a close eye on the lions of the Ximungwe Pride, who’ve welcomed new babies, as well as individual leopards who’ve given birth recently, like Basile.

New life is always a blessing, especially in the bush, where these babies fight for the opportunity to reach adulthood from the moment they’re born.

As beautiful as it is, this landscape can be harsh and unforgiving, ensuring that only the fittest carry their genes forward in life’s unending cycle. We’ve learnt that there’s an element of luck to surviving here, but ultimately, it requires tenacity and wit.

From our end, it’s a privilege to witness these babies grow up, learn about, and eventually master their environment.

Keep scrolling to see what our guides’ have to say about baby season…

From Our Guides

Ranger, Justin de la Rey had this to say…

“The season of new life and beginnings is fully under way for all in the Sands. Basile’s little one is showing some real tenacity as it continues to grow and take our breath away with every sighting.”

See the little cub pictured below.

Ranger, Cal Butler had this to say about green season in the Sabi Sand…

“Baby impala season is upon us…”

Take a look at some of his recent captures below.

As a bonus feature, please be sure to check out Cal’s blog here on some of the latest sightings after the rains.

Head Ranger, Stuart Buy commenting on the young cubs of the Ximungwe pride…

“The 2 older Ximungwe cubs having the time of their lives!”

Take a look below.



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Need More News?

For the latest Leopard Hills news, keep an eye out for our Bush Bulletin which comprises a roundup of our guides’ field notes or sightings, as well as interesting tidbits about the reserve itself.

Here’s an excerpt written by Stuart Buys from October’s edition:

One overcast morning the sound of a lion’s roar filled the air. We were itching to get out and start tracking. Little did we know that a Male lion walked through the lodge only a few hours before…

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Stuart Buy
Cal Butler
Justin de la Rey
Kiara Rodgers

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