5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cheetahs

Posted on November 2, 2022

Apart from the Big 5, which are famous the world over, many guests visiting Leopard Hills Private Game Reserve are eager to spot a cheetah. Known to be the fastest animals on land, cheetahs can reach staggering speeds of almost 100 km/h, but what else is so captivating about these incredible cats?

Here are a few interesting facts about cheetahs that you might not know:

1)  Whilst cheetahs can reach extraordinary speeds, they cannot maintain this pace for long. Cheetahs chasing their prey will seldom do so for a distance further than 300m. They are built for speed, not stamina, as maintaining this pace requires energy – a precious resource in the wild.

2)  The cheetah’s name is derived from the Hindi word chita, which means spotted one.

3)  Cheetahs hunt during the day. You’ll often see lions lazing about under a tree during the heat of the day, preferring to hunt when it’s cooler, but not cheetahs. Hunting in the day reduces the chance of their prey being stolen. Each cat has its strength, and whilst the cheetah is fast, it is not strong enough to fend off lions or hyenas should they wish to poach the cheetah’s hard-earned antelope.

4)  Here’s a fun fact about cheetahs – they can’t roar! Whilst cheetahs can hiss, growl, chirp and even purr (cute, we know!), they lack the throat mechanism to roar like a lion or leopard can.

5)  Cheetahs can accelerate as fast as a Ferrari! OK, don’t quote us on that, but they can go from zero to almost 100km/h in three seconds flat, whereas a Ferrari is only slightly faster at zero to 100km/h in just under three seconds. Still, that’s one speedy cat.

Image Credit: Stuart Buy

Bonus fact: Did you know that not every cheetah has spots? In rare cases, a recessive gene is carried forward which gives a cheetah splotches instead of spots. These splotches can sometimes resemble stripes – we call this a “king cheetah”. A rare and special sighting indeed…

If you love cheetahs, South Africa is the place to see them. At Leopard Hills, we pride ourselves on conserving an environment where these beautiful cats can thrive. There are many more fun facts about cheetahs, which our guides can’t wait to share with you.

Image Credit: Cal Butler

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