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Our Community

Giving Back at Leopard Hills

Leopard Hills have taken responsibility for looking after and building a day care centre/crèche for under-privileged children and orphans in the area. With the support of our guests, we have been able to raise sufficient funds to build a new facility in the local village.

Through additional donations of books, clothing, writing materials and blankets, we have also gone a long way to improve the lives and learning of these children. Leopard Hills, in conjunction with our partners, will continue to support this project with the aim of continually making a difference.


Leopard Hills recently partnered with the Good Work Foundation (GWF) to launch a digital learning campus in the nearby rural village of Dumphries. The GWF is an NGO focused on digital learning opportunities for young adults and scholars living in rural communities.

Launched on 26 July 2019, the Dumphries Digital Learning Campus is the latest addition to the “Hazyview Cluster” – a collection of five digital learning campuses in Mpumalanga providing various levels of skills and training.