Xikavi & Mondzo

Posted on December 11, 2016

There is always a sense of huge privilege watching a Mother Leopard & her offspring interact, as she lets you witness those special moments.

Spending time with Xhikavi and her (now nearing adulthood) Male Cub, who has been named Mondzo ( Mondzo is the Shangaan name for a Leadwood Tree ), you realise the time is nearing for him to move away from his Mother and start fending for himself.  The two Leopards are still spending time together and the meals that Xhikavi are providing her cub are now diminishing quickly, as he is becoming an adult leopard.

Xikavi & Mondzo Xikavi & Mondzo Xikavi & Mondzo Xikavi & Mondzo Xikavi & Mondzo


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