Will the Styx stick around?

Posted on April 8, 2019

We have had a sensational shake up around Leopard Hills. A new pride of lions rocked up overnight.

A few days ago some rangers reported a wake of vultures scurrying like crazy around one of the clearings. They were soon to discover a zebra carcass. To the rangers’ surprise, 8 lions were dotted around the meal. We have never seen this pride in our area before.

The Styx Pride made their way from the eastern sections of the Sabi Sands. They currently comprise of 2 adult females, 5 sub adults and 3 cubs under 2 years old.

Unfortunately as soon as the Styx Pride entered our section, they left again. While feasting on their prized zebra, one of the Matimba male lions caught a whiff of their meal. With sub adult males in the new pride, they may pose a threat to the aged Matimba. He rushed straight in and chased them off the kill.

A few days later, the pride of eight made their way back again. They were found with the last remains of a wildebeest kill.

Watching the prides movements show that they are exploring the new area. They are steadily moving deeper and deeper into our section.

It is only a matter of time before they decide to stick around or leave the area completely.

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