Why did we name the Lodge Leopard Hills

Posted on September 20, 2011

We often get asked the question, “how did we come up with the name Leopard Hills?

I think the pictures speak for themselves, the “Hills” are Alive with Leopards……..thanks to Briarley who spent her Honeymoon here at the Lodge and had an unexpected visitor to her Suite!!!!

6 thoughts on “Why did we name the Lodge Leopard Hills

  1. As with everything else at your Lodge, it is inspired and totally appropriate, derived from love and understanding of your surrounding territory, and the wonderful creatures that choose to live there.

  2. as they say…."a picture is worth a thousand words." these certainly answer that question 😀 Just the best!!!

  3. As guests, we know that we are allowed to visit LH as long as we recognize the true owners. The LH family are allowed to sustain and maintain the kingdom of the leopard as long as THEY also recognize their true boss. May the leopards ever reign.

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