White Rhino duel

Posted on September 7, 2010

It is more common to see White Rhino bulls fighting for dominance but some times a frustrated male will fight with a female…see the video below!

We came across this young male fighting this big female (she has a very young calf). There were also 2 sub adults caught up in the action.

The possible scenario is that he is a new male in the area and upon finding this female with her young calf he was very frustated at not being able to mate with her!

Bulls will aggressively fend off all other males, including youngsters when courting a female! If the young males don’t back down they could be killed! You can see this in the video where the bull takes out his frustration on a young sub adult male and hooks him under the leg.

At least this story had a happy ending and none were badly injured, the female put on a brave fight!!

Many Thanks to Julie and Paul for their footage.

[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

0 thoughts on “White Rhino duel

  1. Besides the good footage are the sounds interesting as well ! Sometimes they sound like dolphins !

    Such nice pictures make that I feel myself for a moment in LH !


  2. Fantastic ? many thanks for sharing it with us! I?m always saying each game drive is unique, but some of them are better than others 😉 Oh I envy you so much:D

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