What have the Selati Coalition been up to?

Posted on August 19, 2012

The boys are learning all about life as the dominant force in the Western Sabi Sand ! Their emergence and coming of age has thoroughly entertained our guests this month. Most of this has happened in close proximity to Leopard Hills. It is rather fitting that a quiet Sunday morning again turned into the resonant growls of mating lions in front of our camp waterhole! Read on and enjoy the images and video of their antics this month!

So what goes through the mind of a Coalition member as winter draws to a close?

Look for lionesses in oestrus ” Fight with brothers over a receptive lioness ” Mate with lioness ” Get a slap in the face from a lioness!

Realise that belly is empty and make buddies with brothers again

” Go look for buffalo with brothers!

“Catch buffalo together then fight over buffalo with brothers!

Lie next to buffalo carcass with full belly and chase off hyaenas and vultures”. Realise this is a futile exercise and leave skin and bones for scavengers.

Go looking for lionesses again ” Stumble across leopard’s kudu kill and steal a quick snack!

Enjoy the video below
[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

3 thoughts on “What have the Selati Coalition been up to?

  1. Hi Dave,
    It Happend as you promised it to us! and we are very sad that we left you and Eric one Day before. We are sure that you had a great Time with nature like this and are looking forward to come back as soon as possible. Kind regards from Mona & Carsten

  2. Hi Dave so good to be transported back to Leopard Hills and the Western Sabi sands. We just loved our time out on safari with you and the boys. Such a wonderful adventure experiencing so many magnificant animals in their habitat. As you predicted the kill happened and watching it on video was not quite the same as being there with our hot water bottles, ponchos and Amarula! Warm regards Biff and Mandy

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