Weekly sightings Update

Posted on March 20, 2009

My guests and I had another week of truly awe-inspiring sightings.

The highlight of the week was without a doubt watching Makwela female leopard and the Tekwaan male leopard mating. Raymond and I tracked the mating pair one afternoon and found them right in front of camp. We waited with great anticipation and there it was, mating leopards less than 10 meters from where we were positioned, it must truly rank as one of the greatest spectacles in nature.

We also had numerous sightings of many other individual leopards in the last week, most notably Shikavi a very big female, that frequents the surrounding area around the river.

Another highlight was watching a pride of lions stalking wildebeest on one of the open plains. We waited for almost an hour for the lions to move. Finally the three females all spread out over the clearing and started the stalk. This time the wildebeest was too clever for the lions and sensed their presence before any of them got caught.

The amount of plains game around the reserve is phenomenal. Herds of impalas, wildebeest and zebra were seen grazing in the Southern part of our traversing area.

Until next week.

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  1. Marius, as always your photos bring back such fond memories of my birthday trip to So. Africa. I ordered the Africa Geographic magazine with your feature and am anxiously awaiting its arrival!

  2. Marius: Always good to hear from you. Save some of the great sighting for us. See you in September..Joan and Arnold

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