Two Early Check Ins for Leopard Hills

Posted on May 1, 2013

On behalf of everyone at Leopard Hills, we would like to congratulate Chef Adelaide Nkuna on the birth of her Twin Girls at the Leopard Hills Staff Village last Friday evening. This came as a surprise to everybody as they were only due in six weeks, and no one was more surprised than Adelaide, who had no idea she was carrying Twins!!!!

A few people deserve a special mention as this was truly a Team effort. Bridget for being with Adelaide right through the process, Paramedic J C form Africa Safe-T who delivered the Twins, Louise for the coordination and communication with Dr Simon King on one phone, and Bridget on the other, and of course Steve giving us a running commentary from outside the door.

Well done Adelaide, a truly remarkable achievement and under the circumstances a blessed outcome, you were very brave.

Mother and Babies are doing well, and we have just received news that the First born who arrived at ten minutes to seven has been named Bridget, and the Second born who made an entrance at five minutes past seven has been called Louise………………..Louise and Bridget Nkuna, they have a nice ring to them!!!!

Louise Nkuna on the left and Bridget Nkuna on the right. 

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