To my Leopard Hills family

Posted on December 16, 2009

Duncan, Louise and the rest of my Leopard Hills family,

I was thinking for a long time what to post here… how do you sum up five years of your life? How do you thank people that you have known for 12 years? People who have become more than friends… people who have become family. The truth is there are no words.

There are so many memories that were formed at Leopard Hills. From the holidays spent there as a kid to working there while being a student and then later becoming part of the permanent staff. All of you always welcomed me with open arms and were always more than willing to teach and show me everything! Not just lessons on lodge things but also about life. These are memories that I will never be able to forget. The good times and also the bad times; you were always there; working, partying, teaching, giving comfort and support. Leopard Hills quickly became more than a work place; it became a home.

You are remarkable people, a strong pillar to lean on and learn from. The lessons you taught me and the lessons I learnt from observing you leading by example are worth more than gold. I am privileged and fortunate to have had the best as my mentors and friends.

A big Thank You to all of you for everything (too much to put into words…) and also for your support and back up with me setting off on my new adventure… You are all already sorely missed!!

And also a big thank you to all of my guests who I had the opportunity to take on game drive and share a little bit of this beautiful and special place that I called home…

Lots of love,


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  1. notice from Hannes in my diary 06-08-2007 :
    It has been so great to have all of you back at Leopard Hills again….especially to be your ranger this time !

    It has also been excellent to share one of my best sightings with you …. one I will never forget!

    Thank you you for all the laughter and jokes! We have had a lot of fun together! From throwing rocks into the river to having mating lions 0,5 metre away! Please return again soon! Lots of love Hannes.

    PS The sighting was the interaction of a female adult giraffe defending her dying child against 3 hyenas . After the kill there was a leopard who chased the hyenas and took the neck of the kill with her in a tree!

    We have to say thank you to Hannes !!!

    Hopefully we will met ASAP in your new job
    van der A family, The Netherlands

  2. Hannes,

    Thank you for some special times. We hope to ssee you again soon. Good luck with your new endevour.

    Sepp & Megan Disch

  3. Hey Hannes the few times at LH with you were always enjoyable. Look forward to visiting at Madikwe Hills. LH loss is MH gain!
    PS was at MH last week and left a message or you in the visitors book

  4. Hi Hannes,

    Thank you for being the best techer at Leopard hills. Never forget the ‘leopard in a tree’ request – you came through! Looking forward to my next trip to SA – may have to be MH this time – hope you can still help with the Eos guidance. I’m in India now – lots of camels, cows, dust and flies, but no tigers yet – next time maybe.

    Cheers – Julie Hanlon, Melbourne Australia

  5. Good Luck to you, Hannes. Parting is such sweet sorrow when you’ve been lucky enough to have had such love & support, but friends as these are always close in our hearts. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year & may you have NO hail storms at Madikwe!
    Niki & Joe

  6. Onwards and upwards, Hannes. It was wonderful meeting you, and being guided by you, at Leopard Hills recently. Now we look forward to seeing you againg in your new role at Madikwe Hills in a few weeks. It will be fun having you with us at the wedding of our son, Iain, at Mad Hills on Jan 2.

    Regards The Mulligans.

  7. Hannes Hi.

    Thanks for posting this, the words are very meaningful, especially as I know they come from the heart. Yes indeed we are missing you already and it seems as though you have gone on leave and will be back in 12 days.

    But as much as you learnt from us, we learnt from you, you are very wise for your years, but this comes from life’s experiences, and you have had and seen a lot.

    As Mark points out, Leopard Hills’ loss is Madikwe Hills’ gain, and at least we keep you in the family.

    Take care and good luck in your new venture, remember we are here if you need us.

    Duncan, Louise and the Leopard Hills Team.

  8. Hello Hannes –
    Congratulations on your promotion! I appreciate the care you took to try to get us in the best possible positions when taking pictures of the beautiful animals seen on our safaris (Aug 2006)! You were and are an excellent guide. Good luck in your new venture and if I am lucky, perhaps I might end up vacationing there in the future and will see you in your new digs!

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