The Tegwane Male Leopard takes Makwela out on a date to the Leopard Hills Reception Area

Posted on October 30, 2008

We had a Report at 01h00 this morning that there were two Leopards mating in our Reception Area.

It was an unbelievable happening, and certainly gave our night security an interesting sighting. While Mandla and Andrew were doing their rounds in the early hours of the morning, they heard an incredible commotion coming from the reception entrance area. Proceeding cautiously from the upstairs dinning area, they witnessed the Tegwane Male Leopard and Makwela, mating on the Persian carpet in the reception!!!! Talk about a class act and an eventful night out at Leopard Hills.

The full circle is now complete, Makwela was born about 15 years ago in a cave under where our kitchen is now built, she used this same location to hide her cubs from her last litter, and she has often over the years used Leopard Hills as a location to leave her cubs when she has been out hunting. We have always seen this as a rare privilege, and despite giving us the odd headache when the cubs have been on the rampage and stolen cushions from the hammocks and prevented us on numerous occasions from getting our Guests back to their rooms after drive because they have take up residence on one of the Suite roofs, we have had some spectacular sightings of Makwela and her cubs in and around the Lodge over the years. However I never thought I would see the day that she would actually lie down and conceive her cubs, right there on the carpet, in the middle of the reception area, what a Lady!!

I am just sorry there was not a camera at hand when the act actually took place.

7 thoughts on “The Tegwane Male Leopard takes Makwela out on a date to the Leopard Hills Reception Area

  1. All of the above and WOW! Oh to have been a mouse in the corner to see the event of the season.
    Joy in Camarillo CA

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