The Sands of Time

Posted on June 30, 2010

The changing sands of time, let’s not pass by another person who has made such a big impact on my life.

Vanessa this is for you.

Marius thank you so much for your Tribute to the Sabi Sands, reading though your times brings back so many special memories, for me not so much the sightings, those are yours and your guest’s special memories. I remember the likes of Ryan, all the amazing people you have guided with and have guided and especially our late tracker Ben, makes me realise how much water has passed under this bridge in years that pass so quickly.

But if I have to explain The Leopard Hills Managements Team of Duncan, you, and me, it reminds me of a duck…….swimming serenely, slowly, unbothered on the calm lake…..BUT ……. we know it’s not like that don‘t we?

If that duck had 3 legs only we would have swam in circles, it takes equals on all side to make things swim straight, it’s like teaching your child to ride for the first time, it needs stabilisers, otherwise it falls and with an unequal amount of support that child will fall and never know how to ride on its own.

Let’s not forget the 4th stabiliser on this bike…Vanessa, you have been an asset, a support, a major part of Leopard Hills, to the guests you have always been so professional, to the staff a friend, to my children an older sister / Aunt, to the company a great ambassador, always ready for the next challenge.

Van, for me, after 6 years you are a dear friend, we have done everything together, we have laughed LOTS, we have cried, we have supported each other though hard time, sickness and down time, we know each other’s families, the good and the bad, when I talk to you about “someone” you know the history, the pain the laughs and the problems, for that Van I thank you so much for always being there, be it on a professional or family capacity.

We have googled everything possible, guests, potential staff, supplier, news articles, wedding, everything we could think of, even chicken fillets…..private joke….sorry! We have drunk good champagne for special occasions like your engagement (which I knew about before you!) Your beautiful wedding last October will always be a special memory for us, Megan and Kiara as well. We have drank the worst cheap rubbish wine that has given us horrid hangovers when we have battled to focus for the whole of the next day, thinking we could rely on the other one to make things happen….did they? We have had girly evenings with the girls of massages, foot spars, nails and earth hour with no lights and gentle music…we would party at home when we have helped each other get our under the weather husband into bed (their own beds), the medical moments, I could do the blood, sorry I left you to the smelly things I couldn‘t do! The dog fights, the new puppies, special holiday’s….Van the list is endless and I think the rest we know and become our special memories.

Van, my friend, I am going to miss you being around, but not only from a business point of view, as a friend I know we will always be. I wish you all the best, you are just at a crossroads and with your drive and passion I know you already know your road, I wish you a safe and straight road ahead.

Leopard Hills will always salute you for your help, time, energy and friendships.

Now this Duck will keep swimming, with Duncan and I, there are new stabilisers.

Shane I look forward to our new journey together, your smile will make my day from early in the morning, until sometimes early in the next morning, I never said management was easy or within working hours!

Gary, your rangers experience makes your transition easy, no doubt we will have our laughs as we always do and our more difficult times, and medical emergencies (please find the missing piece of finger before the ants do next time) and hopefully no dog fights! Silly evenings at home playing stupid games when we can‘t move the next day, and no doubt there will be times when I still wag my finger at you for doing……!

Debs, we will be spending lots of time together, your commitment to you job is unquestioned, I just hope I can teach you something, although I think the only thing I can teach you right now is how to take some time off! One day I might teach you to drink wine!!!??? Maybe not!

To Van, I miss you, please always keep in touch. Thank you for being a part of my life for so many years. Remember friends leave footprints in your heart, not the ground they walk on.

To our new stabilizers, Shane, Gary and Debs, remember Dunx and I are not the ducks head showing you where to go, we are not your eyes for direction, we are just the tail and the rudder steering you from behind.

I hope we make a difference to your lives.

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  1. What a fabulous tribute…from one beautiful woman to another. Although we’ve never met, Louise…you were on holiday when we were at LH, your writing has always moved me. Until we do meet someday…keep paddling!
    Vanessa…you and Marius are a great team…with a great future!
    Carefree, AZ

  2. What a beautiful tribute Louise. You can feel both the emotion and love that you have for Van and Marius in your words. Thank you for sharing it with us all.
    I wish them both the very best in their new adventure and look forward to seeing things from them on line as always.

    To Debs, Shane and Gary, the very best to you 3 as you step in to the the "duck’s feathers". Watch that tail so it doesn’t waddle too much. :o)

  3. what a beautiful way to say it, mom, i am so proud of you. Van I wish you all the best in your future and you deserve all the amazing thing that are there waiting for you
    Lots of love

  4. Friendships like you two have had don’t come along very often. Don’t let distance destroy it.

  5. Louise, what a beautiful tribute!
    You and Dux are special people too.
    PS: Ill drink wine with you ANY time!
    And I keep telling my California friends that SA has stellar wines!

    See you in August. Joy, Camarillo, CA

  6. When a friendship is meant to be, there is nothing, not even distance which can tear it apart. By the sounds of things…for anyone who works at Leopard Hills becomes part of a very big family. Duncan & Louise, although we have never met…it feels like I know you already as you are so open & free with regards to the goings on there in that beautiful place. Marius & Vanessa…you will have your friends for a liftime & you are all very blessed. Good luck in all you do.


  7. Absolutely Brilliant Article Lou,wonderful Tribute to Van and Mari yo so!wonderful Individuals who have certainly impacted on my life with their kindness and Encouragment.Wish them nothin but Love and Happiness in their new Journey.alles van die beste.Love you guys…

    Looking forward to working under the Guidance of Dunx and Lou in a New Chapter of this Beautiful Lodge.thank you for the Oppurtunity.

  8. With tears in my eyes all I can say is "Thank You Lou".
    We have both had an incredible time and this was a wonderful experience.
    We will always have a special place in our heart for "The Hills" and the people that work here.
    And believe me "WE WILL KEEP IN TOUCH!"

  9. Megs and Cooks, I hope to be on your moms mailing list and watch you both grow into beautiful young ladies!!
    Thanks for the kind words girls, dont forget we still have our fishing holidays 🙂 🙂

  10. WOW, even I got a lump in my throat, so well written and from the heart, nobody holds the Leopard Hills Family more together than you do Lou.

    The Sands of Time indeed, people come and people go, but are never forgotten, we thank them all for the contribution they have made over the years.

    Van, Lou said it better than I could ever have, bon voyage to you both, until we meet again.

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