The Leopard Hills Boma gets a Face Lift

Posted on August 2, 2010

The Leopard Hills “All Girls Academy” tried out their Art talents in the Boma as a Friday School Art Project.

On Fridays at the Leopard Hills School, things wind down for the weekend with Art Class, and Teacher Marlise du Toit let the Girls loose on the Boma for some much needed touch ups on the décor, I think you will all agree the transition was amazing, well done guys, an outstanding job.

Thanks to Marlise, Megan, Kiara, Storm, Promise and exchange student Lourie, the transition has been refreshing and visibly enlightening, we are proud of you all.

Marlise maybe next week we can start with the Game Drive Vehicles…………………….only kidding Gary!!!!!

0 thoughts on “The Leopard Hills Boma gets a Face Lift

  1. I think the vehicles should be polka dots or pink and purple. LH would certainly be the stand out in the Sands. And to the girls, do you contract? I need some mural work done in California.

  2. Beautiful, Ladies! Well done – and after you finish with Suzanne’s mural in California…I have some work for you here in New York!

  3. Well done girls!! What a good idea – it looks brilliant! Special love to the original 3, Megan, Promise and Kiara. I can’t believe how grown up you’re all looking! I remember us all fitting around the little art table outside the school and painting to songs like ‘Invisible Scribble’ aka ‘Invisible Squirrel’ (giggle!!)

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