The Hills are full of Leopards this morning!!

Posted on September 29, 2008

I was out doing my rounds early this morning, minding my own business, enjoying the first cup of coffee of the day, and then, suddenly, the Camp was full of Leopards!!!!

Walking on route from the Library to the Reception, I caught a glimpse of a long “cat like” tail disappearing into the Boma. Was it imagination and lack of caffeine this early in the morning, or was there something lurking beyond the Boma wall? I attentively approached the entrance and peered around the corner, all was still and there was nothing visible. Looking down at the Boma floor, there in the sand, crisp from the heavy morning dew was the unmistakable pug marks of a young female leopard, for once in my life I didn‘t need a Tracker to tell me how fresh they were, the Hlaba Nkunzi female was back.

I stood still and waited, scanning the Boma for any sign of movement; she had to be in there somewhere. And there she was, a feline head popped up from behind the buffet serving area and stared at me across the Boma, an area which suddenly seemed a lot smaller than I remembered. Those penetrating eyes boring right through me, she didn‘t make a move except the occasional flick of her tail. Her demeanour was not threatening and she lost interest a long time before I did, she turned away and sauntered out of the back entrance of the Boma, not away from the Camp, but as if to make the point that this is her place, she walked slowly into the middle of the Lodge, and down the main pathway towards Room 4.

Ironically our Guests in Room 4 had decided not to go on the morning game drive and were relaxing in their Room, a quick radio call to reception who in turn phoned to inform them that she was on route, and that it would be a good idea to move off the deck and close the sliding door. As if on queue, not three minutes later, the Guests phoned reception to say she was drinking out of the plunge pool on their deck, they were having an incredible sighting.

I hadn‘t even returned to the office when our Restaurant Manager Steve Shabangu radioed to say there was a female leopard and cub on the deck next to the bar area, we knew it wasn‘t the Hlaba Nkunzi female as she was still drinking at Room 4, it had to be Makwela and her cub. We got up onto the main deck just in time to see her and the cub disappear over the rocks between Room 8 and the kitchen, moving down towards the Staff house at the base of the hill. We got around there just in time to see her emerge from the rocks, without the youngster, and move off down towards the riverbed in front of the Lodge.

It looks like we are going to be “Leopard Sitting” again, as the Lodge has temporarily been divided into the Hlaba Nkunzi female territory which runs from the gym to Room4, and Makwela’s territory which is from the gym to the main dining area and all the way down to the Staff accommodation.

And all this before breakfast………………..oh I almost forgot, how was your morning?

Thanks again to Gary for the pics, always pays to have your camera on hand at all times.

On the prowl for a drinkThere is a Leopard on my roofShower time for the Hlaba Nkunzi female

0 thoughts on “The Hills are full of Leopards this morning!!

  1. We didn’t name it Leopard Hills for nothing. How awesome, great to see that at least one of makwelas cubs is still alive. We look forward to somemore great sighting in the near future.

  2. Amzing Dunx!
    I struggled onto the packed tube, got elbowed in the eye, got a 6 inch high heel on my foot (why heels this big on a Monday morning…Lou/Van??), nearly got hit by a mad London biker going through a red light, then spilt coffee down my shirt. Pretty average Monday really…

  3. I am so Happy to hear that Makwela & her cub are ok. What a relief. How are her wounds? Well, I am very pleased you had such an eventful Leopard morning while most of us are stuck in the city…Although I would rather be in South Africa than the UK!! (Sorry Marshy)

  4. Hi Duncan and all the LH team
    Fantastic – what a wonderful start to the week! I have been checking the site nearly every day in anticipation of my visit and have been amazed at the great sightings of late; It’s almost like everyday tops the last, and on that note I must say that my expectations are increasing.

    Nice pics Gary, you seem to be in all the right places lately.

    Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer.

    See you all soon

  5. Never a dull moment out here!
    Dunx, we are all waiting in anticipation for you to publish a book with all your stories!

  6. Great Start to your monday Dunx,there certainly was a great Buzz around the lodge this morning with the Leopards lurking around.Makwela obviously smelt the awesome Aroma of the Sizzling Bacon thats why she was near the kitchen again..
    Great Story!!

  7. Hey Duncan:Tom Robbins just e-mailed me that he saw you this a.m. and had the pleasure of the incredible sighting. Camp Run a Muck is very jealous that we are here in hurricane country rather than watching leopards. Some of us still don’t have power after 2 weeks,but our houses are in tact.
    Love to read your reports…looking forward to seeing you in August of 2009…wish it could be before then!
    CD (Anne Budill)

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