The “Hills are Alive” with the sounds of Lions Roaring

Posted on May 22, 2011

Heinrich has just returned from this mornings drive and captured this amazing video.

The sounds of Lions roaring is always a unique sound, but to capture them in the early morning light on a chilly winters morning is something very special to behold.

Note the steam from their mouths as they roar………….thanks Heinrich, great footage.

[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

12 thoughts on “The “Hills are Alive” with the sounds of Lions Roaring

  1. Cold it may be, but we never the less wish we were freezing alongside you !

    Thank you Duncan and Heinrich

  2. Well good morning!!!! I loved how they put on their show and then looked around as if to ask "how was that? did you get enough?" of course the answer is NEVER!! not of Leopard Hills that is :> Thanx so much!!

  3. Heinrich: Thanks for the posting. It sure beats "revelry". See you in September.. Arnold

  4. Dear Heinrich,

    WOW, I feel like I am still there with you and those gorgeous Lions.

    I want to roar right back at them!!!

    Thank you so much,

    Jean Wellington Travel in Style, President OCAPTA

  5. videos like this gets me through 6 long weeks in India…!! Cant wait to get back to Africa!!!

  6. We have been blessed with this sounds almost every night for the last week, Africa, you have got to love it

  7. Haibo!!! That is some serious audio, and a brilliant video to refer to in terms of the slight difference between a male and female roar. Incredible guys, thanks a lot for that.

  8. Well done Heinrich, what a wonderfull recording and sighting, it made us feel like we were there especially with the volume turned up!! :-))

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