Posted on January 28, 2009

The last 2 weeks has been amazing for photography!!!

The last two weeks have been amazing for safari and photography. The bush is green and lush and provides wildlife photographers with the most amazing backgrounds

A couple of days ago I was fortunate once again to spend more than an hour following one of our resident female leopards. She is known as Shikavi and like her mother, the Shangwa female, she is really big in size. My guests managed to get some amazing images of her and everyone was more than happy with their photographic results afterwards. We also watched her stalking a full grown male waterbuck, which is way to big for her; but the tension was amazing and definitely a sighting to remember by everyone present.

We also had a splendid sighting of one of the more uncommon creatures of the bush. The bark spider is mainly nocturnal and finding it early in the morning was a real treat. Bark spiders eat their webs every morning before they hide themselves from the sun. Looking at the image you will see that the dark colored bark was perfect to show how effective their camouflage work.

About a week go I got a call from a very excited guest that found a nest of a paradise flycatcher inside the camp They are very pretty birds and the male has a very long tail in breeding season. Both the guests and I managed to get some superb images.

Good luck to everyone for the year ahead and cant wait to see you all back at Leopard Hills to share some more great sightings and photographic experiences with you.


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  1. marius – you must be complimented on your knack for bringing the wild to life through your interesting observations & intimate anecdotes. your talent for natural history extends beyond photography. as the wonderful mr attenborough’s counts down to retirement his shoes will be in need of fresh feet…

  2. Great pics as always and I loved the commentary this time, it was like an extra bonus on top of a feast for the eyes. Marius, you do both Leopard Hills & Seasons in Africa proud!

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