Staff roar off on bumble…

Posted on January 26, 2011

Every now and then the lodge staff snap up a chance to escape in to the bush.

Yesterday I was thrilled to have the staff begging me to take them on an afternoon drive as a few of them were off…it didn’t take much persuasion!

We had a top team for the afternoon and were thrilled to have Duncan and Louise’s daughters Megan and Kiara join us! The 2 girls went straight for the 3 back seats which were commandeered by none other than Evert (surprise suprise). Talk about a naughty back row, the comments and giggles were flying from the back inbetween photo shoots with Kiara’s new camera. Marlise, the girls’ teacher was there keeping an eye on them and also to make sure Evert behaved himself, no such luck! Aspiring photographer Jacques also joined us from the kitchen and Bridget from the front office, Dan who is a student here for work experience was my co pilot and completed the team.

We bumbled around for a while and found some Devil’s Thorn leaves which when mixed with water make a great bush soap, this was mainly for Evert so he could share some snacks with us at drinks stop, a maintenance manager’s hands can be a health hazard!

We had a nice long drinks stop entertained by a young male Hippo and as the sun popped down decided to head for the camp pan where I thought a male lion who had been hiding during the heat might show himself. Well, boy did he put on a show for the staff…he roared right next to us and then went for a drink below our camp at the pan.

What a great reward for all the team who don’t get into the bush as often as us rangers.

Enjoy the video below, listen to the Bubbling Kassina’s (Frogs) in the background as well as the incredible power of one of the Mapogo!

[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

6 thoughts on “Staff roar off on bumble…

  1. Nice one Dave!! Will see if I can turn this into a ringtone for you guys. I hope you managed to find your missing tracker 😉

  2. Good stuff Andrew, look forward to the ringtone, one way to get us to answer our phones!

    No such luck with the tracker, last seen running toward the camp, notice the Mapogo gazing towards camp…ha ha

  3. Brilliant Dangerous dave,yeah the Bumbles are really awesome for us…always entertaining and with Evert AKA, bound to be lots of Laughter.

  4. Thanks for an awesome drive Dave! Always fun to get out in the bush. Beats sitting in traffic after a long day’s work any time 🙂

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