Some Incredible Predator Sightings in the Last Week

Posted on June 23, 2009

Another week of incredible sightings at Leopard Hills.

We have had once again an amazing week of sightings at Leopard Hills.

The Othawa Pride of lions, accompanied by one of the Mapogo Male Lions killed a giraffe. We watched them for more than 5 days feeding from the enormous carcass. We also had a further 3 members of the Mapogo coalition in our area for most of last week. The males were seen mating with the Ximungwe Pride and we all hope to have new lion cubs soon. The single remaining cub of the oldest female wasn‘t seen for more than 10 days now and we are sure that the cub was killed.

Last week my guests and I had the most amazing leopard sighting. We watched the Shikavi female leopard catching a 2 day old bushbuck lamb. The lamb was not aware of the danger it was in, and thought of the leopard as a parental figure. The bushbuck even tried to suckle from the leopard and when the leopard carried the lamb, it carried it with great care, exactly the way she would carry her cub/s.

We also had some amazing sightings of the male cheetah in the Southern part of our traversing area.

P.S My camera is broken hence no images.

3 thoughts on “Some Incredible Predator Sightings in the Last Week

  1. these most wonderful e mails keep our family in love with leopard hills. i can see it all thru your narvelous natarion, marius.
    the roxy richards family

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