Setting the standards

Posted on September 11, 2009

Leopard Hills is a stunning place, with stunning game drives and stunning people.

Nearly 12 years ago Leopard Hills opened its doors for the first time, and it has been an amazing journey and a privilege to have been associated to such a phenomenal Product.

At the helm of this Team is a Lady who seldom gets the praise that is due for steering the ship on a daily basis. Louise Rodgers has been in the Game Lodge Industry for the last 22 years, 12 of those have been with the Leopard Hills Product.

She has worked tirelessly, and created something more special than we could ever have envisaged all those years ago. Running a Lodge and raising a Family has taken a special kind of dedication, something she has made look easy, but in reality, has been a major feat of her character.

She is not someone who takes praise easily, in fact I am sure she is probably “squirming” right now as she reads this, but it is important for us to recognize her input and say a simple “thanks” for leading from the front.

Louise, Leopard Hills thanks you for your incredible input into such an amazing Place, a Place we love and a Place we are privileged to call home.

Louise Rodgers

The Leopard Hills Team

13 thoughts on “Setting the standards

  1. Thank you Dunx, what a sweet thing to do, BUT, none of it would have been possible without you always by my side. Love you and have a great birthday tomorrow.

  2. You both compliment each other beautifully in our hearts, and all our lives are richer for having spent time with you.
    Thank You.

    Have a Happy Birthday Dunx.

  3. I can image that it isn’t easy to give compliments within the LH family itself.

    Well let me do it !

    After visited LH four times I am still homesick. Not to The Netherlands where I live but to LH and her team !!

    When I am a little bit stressed after a day at the bank and I cannot sleep I close my eyes and think that I am sleeping in the bed of our favoured Room 5. Inmediately I am more comfortable and I will dream away to savannes, the food , the service.

    This is all due to Louise and her team.

    We will be back, teh sooner , the better !
    Ron van der A
    The Netherlands

  4. Well, I can say this; you both make a fantastic team! Your lodge operation really is the flagship and I can see why… It isn’t the bricks and mortar, or how much money was invested in the lodge. At the end of the day it comes down to the staff and ultimately the management. You guys can really be proud of what you have achieved.

    BTW: It is an absolute pleasure working with you guys… Your passion, dedication and enthusiasm makes my job so much more worthwhile and enjoyable…

  5. Thanks to you all for the gracious comments, it is after all for you that we get up in the morning and look forward to going to work……how many people can say that with absolute honesty?

  6. What a nice note, thank you Duncan & THANK YOU Louise for making LH such an amazing place. & Happy Birthday Duncan!

  7. What a nice note, thank you Duncan & THANK YOU Louise for making LH such an amazing place. & Happy Birthday Duncan!

  8. Louise, thanks for giving us a HEADS-UP on Dunx birthday tomorrow – I hope you are going to treat him royally! Dunx – have a great day, boet!


  10. HI Duncan and Louise. THis is Bruce here (Brenda’s brother). I hope Brenda managed to get hold of you by phone on the day after your birthday, as I know she had to leave a voicemail on the actual day. I asked her to pass on the King family birthday wishes, but now I realise I have this blog available to do so myself. Belated Happy Birthday my friend and hi Louise. Hugs to the girls from Dominic and Benedict.
    Did Brenda also mention that Elaine’s cousin and his new bride are at Djuma Lodge this week on honeymoon? They are Nic and Jen Marsh. Should you be over there this week Duncan, could you please tell them we said hello. Thanks.
    Lots of love from us all, Bruce et al

  11. Well said Dunx.

    Thank you both for making Leopard Hills such a special place to work at. We all here are truly blessed having one family in a city and one here in the bush!

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