Ryan and Brooke’s special day. . . . . .

Posted on September 19, 2010

It was a perfect spring afternoon at Leopard Hills, where Ryan and Brooke were to get married…

There was a buzz around Leopard Hills yesterday, everybody waiting for the great moment of the marriage between Brooke and Ryan. It was a beautiful sermon by Pastor Jan Vink accompanied by amazing bunches of Jasmine and St. Joseph Lilies on the lodge’s lower pool deck.

After the service they had the privilege of cutting the white chocolate cake while we all enjoyed a glass of chilled champagne to celebrate their very special wedding day. While we were on the deck, a small herd of Impala came down to the Lodge’s watering hole for a drink on this hot spring day.

The time came for the special wedding photographs to be taken, so we made our way down to the Lodge’s watering hole with the Professional Photographer, Hilet de Klerk. We parked the vehicle behind the watering hole, so the water and the lodge would be in the background while Ryan and Brooke took centre stage. With the shadows extending as the sun started setting, it was truly a beautiful afternoon.

With a pair of Egyptian Geese and their hatchlings in the watering hole and the Impala not too far away, Brooke and Ryan were enjoying a glass of champagne while having their photos taken. While having the moment captured by the game drive vehicle, the amazing afternoon turned into something quite remarkable…

What happened next is something that deserves a post of its own….

PART 2 of Ryan and Brooke’s Special day to follow SOON.

0 thoughts on “Ryan and Brooke’s special day. . . . . .

  1. Congrats to Ryan and Brooke.

    Heinrich, knowing what goes down at that watering hole, I shudder to think what Part 2 has to offer…

  2. How beautiful, you both look georgeous.

    Welcome to the family brother Ryan, make sure you look after my baby sister over there 🙂

  3. congratulations Brooke and Ryan, photo’s are beautiful… you both look fantastic, I am on the Riviera if you want to call by…?

    All my love

  4. Hey Brooke and Ryan,
    Hope you guys didn’t die too much on that last drive, christ we nearly died getting to the airport – one too many of those bloody suitcase shots.
    Had a great time in Leopard Hills and meeting you guys. Hope to see you back there in 10 years for an anniversary session.
    All the best in your future together,
    Heather and Seamus Ryan

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