Run Gary Run!!

Posted on May 12, 2009

An early morning wake up call to get the adrenaline moving.

Gary, Raymond and their Guests has an unexpected visitor in the Leopard Hills car park while they were boarding the vehicle to depart on the early morning drive.

Thanks to Joey and Shelley Gallucci for the footage.
[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

0 thoughts on “Run Gary Run!!

  1. oh my god!!!!!!!
    Absolutely most thrilling post on this blog – what a scene – I AM soooooo green with envy !!!!
    Many thanks for this!!!

  2. Fantastic Gary, – this time YOU were the blur in the photograph. What an experience…..thanks to all of you for sharing that

  3. hi gary what a amazing morning – with our thoughts we are still at leopard hill – we had such a great time!!

  4. That was classic!!! bet you had to go back for a change of underwear!!!
    Absolutely brilliant. Would love to have seen your and Ronald’s faces.
    We cannot wait to return…….Thanks for letting us share it.

  5. Hi Gary,

    That was something else… What a morning and who would have thought it could be dangerous just getting started for the safari? Can you just picture Rene’ and me? It was nice to hear your voice on the recording.

  6. How I WISH I could have been there! THANK you!Being in Africa was the best trip of my life! Carol Corr California

  7. I thought when some thing like that happened a person was not supposed to run….in all the years people I have spoken to everyone tells me whatever you do do not run

  8. Thanks for the following all, yes a bit of a rush sooo early in the morning, this is what we do for fun in the bush, LOL.

  9. This must have been the elephant outside my window from cabin 5 the day of our departure May 2nd. I ran to grab my camera but only got his butt as he disappeared in the bush!

    Wish we could still be there. Wonderful memories!!

    Roswita Ball

  10. Was it the perfume Gary is using that attracted this nice charismatic Ellie ?

    Very nice to see this movie.

  11. too bad we didn’t get footage of Gary high-stepping it back on morning #2, with the rest of us running for the gift shop! Thanks for a great time Gary and Ronald Duck!

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