Photographic Tribute to Makwela

Posted on September 11, 2008

In the last 3 years that I have done photography Makwela female leopard has always been one of the main subjects that I have photographed.

Makwela this is for you we all miss you and not seeing you almost on a daily basis is a huge blow to us.

0 thoughts on “Photographic Tribute to Makwela

  1. Amazing pictures Marius. Have been so sad reading about Makwela and her cubs. Hope that she will be back soon.
    Susan – African Portfolio

  2. fantastic photos mari Biscuits!
    The Legend "Makwela" will be Gracing the Sands in due time.

    Photographs are Stunning Mr "Africa Geographic"

  3. Amazing photos Marius, I really hope she returns. She best be there to see us in October!! Hopefully with the little cub!! Am sure she will be back soon though!!

  4. Again I say, a book! Duncan, you have so many stories as do your guests. Why not start to collate them now? Makwela is not only a legend in Sabi Sands, but throughout the world. I spoke with someone last evening who was talking about this amazing leopard. I said, "Oh that sounds like Makwela." He showed me pix and of course there she was with that distinctive black diamond necklace.

  5. Tribute?I have one association?something is gone but I can not agree with this!
    Pure Beauty, one of a kind and I deeply believe that Makwela will be back ? soon or later but she must be back!

    Duncan ? as Suzanne wrote ? book ? this is your destiny! You are such a
    storyteller! Illustrated by Marius of course 🙂

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