Painted Pack versus Pachyderms

Posted on January 5, 2013

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Ask any guide and they will tell you that sightings involving interaction between different species are right up there with their top moments in the bush as well as on their wishlist of things to hopefully observe.

The behaviour is always fascinating and never ceases to amaze as the inhabitants of the bushveld try and understand each other.

What a treat to find the painted pack hunting impala and then stumble across a breeding herd with a very protective and intimidating matriarch! Watch the video and see how the parade all huddle together and show their solidarity as a unit.

If only the 2 species could speak to each other, they would realize that they are much the same, arguably the 2 that use “teamwork” the best and are the most family orientated.The curious painted pack sub adults could never catch your calf, Mrs Matriarch! Thanks anyway for the show and allowing us to observe it.

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