My last 2 days of Safari

Posted on March 30, 2008

I have had the 2 most awesome days of safari with great sightings around every corner.

My guests the Richards family from California and I have had the 2 most amazing days of Safari.

This morning we had 2 different herds of elephants. The first herd was drinking at a big waterhole and with them a little calf less than a month old. The second herd surrounded our game drive vehicle and were feeding around us for more than 30 minutes. They then proceeded to have a dust bath in the road in front of us before they disappeared into the bushes.

Furthermore on their first night we had 2 leopard sightings, the first a male leopard feeding of a large warthog and on the second I a female leopard feeding of an impala kill less than 300 meters from the male leopard.

The next morning we tracked the Sand River Pride of lions for more than an hour and a half before we saw them in the Sand River. The 5 cubs were all playing in trees above us, chasing each other all over the place.

Last night was an absolute dream of a safari. We came across 5 rhinos, a massive herd of impala and a lone buffalo bull all feeding together on a massive clearing. While sitting with the rhinos my tracker June spotted another rhino and calf in the distance. As we left the sighting we came across loads of zebras and wildebeest all feeding together and less than 5 minutes away we found a herd of almost 3 hundred buffalo’s and another 5 rhinos.

After our sun downer stop we spend our evening following 2 lionesses and an 8 year old male lion. On our way back to the lodge we saw a puff adder (snake) and 2 different spotted eagle owls.

The best of all we still have another 2 safaris left this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

Dust BathZebra MotionAmongst the Elephants

0 thoughts on “My last 2 days of Safari

  1. I wish to be there – what else can I say:-) It’s always a pleasure to read your stories Marius, specially a lyrical part about male Cheetah drinking water at February Report – amazing photo!
    Nice surprise after dead calm to receive a notification that ?New article has been posted? 😉

  2. Marius, your photos are really something special! I can’t believe the amount of quality game viewing your guests have experienced with you in such a short time. Thanks for the captivating story.
    I am glad to hear Samanta was exited about the new article after the "calm". It is always nice to know that the stories are appreciated by our subscribers.

  3. First of all, thank you Leopard Hills Team for this new feature ~ until we are able to return, this helps keep the memories of our March, 2007 safari fresh!
    Then of course, to Marius ~ we were thrilled to learn of your life’s commitment to Vanessa! Congratulations to you BOTH!
    As I’ve told you before, your photographs are just the best! You and June provide the most marvelous safari adventures imaginable…please pass that along to June!
    Stay there until we can return!!
    The Matusiaks
    Carefree, AZ

  4. Marius – could you tell me what photo software you are using. I am referring to the captions on the pictures. It is beautiful.

    I love getting the updates and the pictures. Wish we were back at Leopard Hills.

  5. Wow, this is an awesome commentary and I will encourage all my mates to log on and check out what we had all been experiencing… you, June, and the whole staff and experience at leopard hills are the best ever!!! Thanks to you all. Cheers (and thanks again) from your heros’ 2nd child. PS.. you mentioned a place to stay at victoria falls and I was hoping you might e mail me the info as I did not write it down….

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