Mondzo’s Season

Posted on April 14, 2018

Mondzo Male Leopard has been away from his mother Xikavi for some time now and has been looking after himself extemely well. He is often found in the presence of either Khokovela or Basile female Leopards and at times even shares a meal with Dayone.

He was seen not too far from a kill that was hoisted into a tree with a hyena lurking nearby. Basile also joined him in the area – so he is still very comfortable in the area his mother raised him.

Approaching 3years now, it will be interesting to see where he moves to as the pressure is being increased by Ravenscourt, who is now venturing further into Dayone’s territory – which up until now has been the home of the young Mondzo male.

The season has started changing, with the bush still lush green after the rains, there is a wonderful chill in the air and the return of golden winter light. So to it will be an interesting season for Mondzo as he starts gaining more experience as an adult leopard.


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