March 2011 – Leopard Hills Turns 13

Posted on April 5, 2011

An incredible night at a special place!

This was a very special time at the Lodge, with Leopard Hills turning 13 years old in March.

Of course there had to be a birthday celebration, as we couldn‘t let a reason to have a party go by unnoticed!

We we’re privileged having Louis and Ida Kruger, his Son Louis and Leanore Kruger, Mark Mac Donnel, Patrick Siebel , Kelly and Jamie, joining us for this special evening.

The afternoon started off with a short drive followed by drinks at one of the most beautiful spots with a view over the Hills of the Western Sector of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, which form such a great part of the Game Reserve.

After drinks we went over to the 3 Mapogo Male Lions, they were sleeping on the Northern Part of Leopard Hills Property. Spending some time with them they started moving, heading South into the Heart of Leopard Hills Property close to the Lodge, where the birthday celebrations were to begin.

On our return to the Lodge, everyone met for Dinner upstairs in the main dining area, with two large tables inside and the staff joining in on the celebration.

Duncan and Louise welcomed everyone to Leopard Hills and introduced their two daughters, Megan and Kiara, who started the evening with their amazing voices. They sang a couple of beautiful songs before everyone moved over to their tables for dinner.

Being a very special evening, dinner was a menu of 9 tasting plates paired with a different wine with each plate. From a Prawn Starter to an incredible Parma Ham and Camembert combination with a different wine each time, really releasing the taste of each meal! During meals Megan and Kiara made sure that everyone was having a good time by singing, with everyone blown away by their amazing voices, with their proud parents, Duncan and Louise, being part of this special evening.

This was one of the most phenomenal evenings and a privilege being part of it and sharing it with so many wonderful people. In 13 years Leopard Hills has blown away all expectations and will continue to do so in the years to come!

Not to mention the awards Leopard Hills has received in the years gone by, the biggest “Thank You” we can say, is to all our wonderful guests, from guests joining us for the first time to guests that return on a regular basis, without you this wouldn‘t have been possible and you continue to make Leopard Hills the Wonderful place that it is! This whole evening really showed what Leopard Hills is about and what it means to everyone!

From Everyone at Leopard Hills, a warm thank you to ALL our guests, everyone that was able to attend the evening and make this evening possible, to everyone who has been a part of Leopard Hills during the 13 years and to everyone joining us for the first time during this year of our 13th Birthday!
TableWelcomeMegan and Kiara Prawn StarterDinner

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11 thoughts on “March 2011 – Leopard Hills Turns 13

  1. Congratulations to the entire Team, past and present, – these things don’t just blossom on their own, they are the long term result of dedication, hard work, and most of all, an intense passion for what you do.

    You have created a wonderful refuge, and home away from home, touching the hearts of everyone who visit, and imparting a new love and understanding of the wildlife of Africa.

    May your success long continue.

  2. Have to make this personal.
    To Dunx & Lou,

    A celebration well-earned. Vision, dedication and hard work have created one of the most unique and wonderful experiences on earth – An extended visit to Leopard Hills. Hardly a day passes that I don’t have a thought of our special times together. – And a special thanks to your entire Leopard Hills team that has always been "up to the challenge" for the Wolfpack, Ruthie and "Big Al".

  3. Happy Birthday to all of you at LH!!!

    Heinrich, thanks for sharing this special day in so many details with us, so far away from your beautiful home. Closing my eyes I can see everything you described.

    I miss you all so much and hope to meet again soon.


  4. Congrats all – you really have created such a wonderful haven. Your passion and commitment has really gone a long way!

  5. Tim and Allen, you put it so well….

    Enough said, Leopard Hills is one of the most special places on Earth, for a multitude of reasons.

  6. A great big Happy Birthday to all of you at Leopard Hills. What beautiful voices to celebrate too. A most joyous occasion with I am sure many more to come.

    Looking forward to my visit post Indaba.


  7. Congratulations on your 13th birthday! We are delighted to return to your terrific camp, staff and property in early May.

    All the best,

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