Mapogo Welcome

Posted on July 14, 2010

Well I have been well and truly welcomed or should I say put in my place by the resident coalition of 5 Male Lions.

My second day out on drive and all 5 Mapogo’s were together again for the first time in a while. We arrived as the sun was going down and the older male decided to reinforce his seniority and began roaring toward our vehicle. Not to be out done the other four responded but were too lazy to get up and roared while still lying down.

Surround sound African, the most intense Lion audio I have heard that sent shivers through us all. Many Thanks to my guest Ellie for sharing his footage.

29 thoughts on “Mapogo Welcome

  1. Dave, welcome.

    It may be my computer–I tried both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox–and I cannot get this vid to play.


    Kay Schmid

  2. Welcome Dave.

    I also cannot get the video to play. I have Windows7, Internet Explorer.

    Jo Anne McCulloch

  3. Welcome, Dave! Tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, eh!

    I, too, cannot get the video to play 🙁

  4. I got the video but no audio. However, I know the sound. 2007 and the Mapogos were new on the scene. We saw then in the Sand River as though in some Gentleman’s club. Hah, those guys are no such thing! Each male roared in turn and our stomachs turned to jelly. They continued all night. We could hear them from camp. INTENSE!

  5. Hi Dave,

    Well, most Hi-Fi afficionados are searching for "True Sound", what you have brought us is "Through Sound"

    Very emotive, as Suzanne says, when those guys do that it will shake the breath from your body, as for the lap thing……….. I guess he would take you first, so Duncan can contsrue that as being in the line of protecting the guests.

    On behalf of all those who have blogged on this before, Thanks to Brendon – I got Action and SOUND.

  6. Gosh!!!What a power!!! I absolutely love it ? many thanks to Ellie for sharing this footage with us and hello Dave ? you made my day 🙂 Thanks Brendon, our Angel as always 😉

  7. Dave, so glad you are leading some drives. It was so good meeting you. This is a great video.

  8. Always a pleasure guys…
    Thanks Dave for a great post and video. It is good to have you on the blog and we hope to see plenty more from you.

  9. That was AWESOME! Thanks so much, Brendon, for re-formatting it for us! Thanks to ALL involved in getting it to us…including the Mapogo Choir! WOW!

  10. Holy Toledo!! Bet that made your chest vibrate. Reminds me of listening to the bands some of my kids used to play in, with the bass turned up to MAX. 🙂 thrum, thrum, thrum.

    Thanks, Dave.

  11. wow – amazing – thank you !! It has been 4 yrs since my trip to Leopard Hills, I must figure out a way to get back there (-:

  12. Wow! Wish we could have been there to hear that in person. Just a tiny and humbling reminder of nature’s power…

  13. There have been very worrying reports that the 2 Missing Mapogos from 8th July are in Singita and one of them is very badly injured are the reports true ,Is there going to be a big crash in the lion population of Sabisands with the Legendary Reign of Mapogo Coalition coming to an Devastating Abrupt End ???

  14. I keep returning to this video…such a display of male power in an animal. Incredible!! Impressive!! Thanks so much for the post! Just crazy cool!

  15. Oh wow! That was amazing! I have listened to it twice already and will do again, whenever I want to hear amazing sounds from Africa!

    Thanks so much for the posting.

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