Many thanks Leopard Hills team

Posted on February 11, 2009

Thank you very much Duncan, Louise and the entire Leopard Hills team for making our stay at your lodge extremely enjoyable. A special thanks to Gary and Ronald for finding that leopard in such difficult wet conditions…

Best regards,

Werner & Christine

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  1. Hi Duncan…
    I am still busy on alerting people about what happened to the Sandriver’s

    Happily another Lion pride interfered with my sadness about the Sand River ‘s

    It was the Windmill pride.
    They showed themselves januari 30 2009 on the webcam at

    They all looked to be in a good shape ( Although maybe a bit skinny) But they were very alert and had bright eyes.

    I have no idea what happened during the shooting and kill on the sand rivers, But i was told 1 single cub did escape. ( Can that be confirmed)?

    Ifso the 2 Manyeleti Brothers that are traveling in the area Might have met the Mapogo Maffia team , ifso is it true ore are they all stories out of the blue?

    So to be short:
    Are the 2 Manyeleti brothers safe alive and Together ?

    2 is it correct that one of the sand River young male’s escaped the shooting and went into the bush.?
    Any info is greatly welcome!

    Thank you all for reading this.
    Be safe and Take Care!

  2. The Manyeleti Males do not come this far across and the Mapogo Males pretty much have this area sewn up as far as territory goes. The answer to your question is yes, one of the young males did escape and has been seen on the odd occasion, and seems to be surviving on small game, so far he is doing alright, we will keep you posted.

    I have not made further comment on the Sand River Pride as there is a full investigation going on at present and I want Powers that be get to the bottom of what happened and issue a full report once this has been conducted.

    Thanks for the posting.

  3. Hi Duncan,

    Sorry for the late reply, But many many thanks for you’r answers!

    Its very good that there is an investigation and i sure noticed in you’r writings that the sandriver’s were very special to you.

    I can fully understand that you keep silence while the investigation is running.

    Keep up the good work! and thanks a lot for all you’r info.

    many regards from The Netherlands

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