Posted on June 26, 2009

I was very fortunate to spend thousands of hours viewing and photographing MAKWELA in the last 5 and half years. Here is a selection of my favorite Makwela images.

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  1. Our lives are honoured and enriched to have met her,and she is indeed fortunate to have had your talents available to record her regal beauty for posterity.

    Thank You Marius

  2. Dear Marius
    I cant believe it last time we saw her she looked so well. What has happened? It is like loosing a good vriend, She will olways live on in my memory Rest forever on the happy hounting ground Makwela
    love Andres and Marian
    ps. andres has taken over her name for this webside to open

  3. It has been a while since I caught up with the weblog and so today I logged in to catch up with my favourite leopard who face adorns many a wall in my house and who adventures provided an incredible start to our wedding day almost 3 years ago. When I noticed she wasn’t mentioned in the latest update I quickly tracked back to find out what happened whilst hoping there was a better reason for her absence. I read the terrible news with many tears, we are so very upset and can only begin to imagine how upsetting this event must have been for the staff at Leopard Hills. She has left us with wonderful memories, pictures and great video footage of her encounter up a tree with 2 lionesses!! Thanks for the great pictures Marius.
    Sian & Kevin

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