Lions Killing a Buffalo in the Sand River

Posted on October 5, 2009

Yet again the the Western Sector proves why it is one of the best game viewing areas in Africa

This morning my guests and I had an incredible sighting of of one of the Mapogo male lions feeding of the buffalo that the pride killed yesterday.

We are all hoping for more predators to arrive, including crocodiles. I will post more pictures in the next couple of days as the sighting progress.

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  1. Wow, you’ve really had incredible sightings at Leopard Hills in the past couple of days!! Can not wait to come and visit again.!!

  2. We will be up there again tonight to see what is happening, I an sure there will be some hyena activity, and unless they can pull that carcass out the river, I am fairly sure there will be some crocodiles lurking nearby waiting to make their move.

  3. Hi great picture’s
    Do any ofvyou have some information how many and which members of the Mapogo "team" were involved?
    Last info i got is that they splitted up.
    2 members in MalaMala
    Kinky Tail and Mr T.

    2 in Djuma and 1 unknown. ( thanks to Aquila) for that info.

    maybe some more information is here on Leopard hills?

  4. We have 1 Mapogo up at the Sand River with the Othawa Pride at the Buffalo kill, and 2 Mapogo’s just south of Leopard Hills Lodge with the Ximungwe Pride of Lions, so 3 that I know of with us at the moment.

    Where is Mala Mala……

  5. Hi Iceage, not sure what you are attributing to me with this statement: "2 in Djuma and 1 unknown. ( thanks to Aquila) for that info." The ones usually seen around Djuma are the ones we call Kinky Tail and Mr T.

    Marius and Duncan, these are awesome photos. Did the lions ever get the carcass out of the river?


  6. Aquila you most did update me about the lions. Thank you!

    Later when it all started and i learned so much about lion pride’s First was the Sandriver lion pride, then soon i learned about the Savuti lions

    Later on i was told about the Windmill pride.

    I Love the Windmills… cant explain why i just love them.

    latest news : a Buff killed due the Windmills west side of sabi sands,

  7. Hi Marius.

    Well captured. The last one being the best.
    I saw the top image on your blog post the other day. Patrick

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