Leopards keeping an eye over the lodge

Posted on October 10, 2010

Hlaba Nkunze and her two cubs found the highest view point at the lodge

Earlier this week during game drive time, everyone at the lodge was spoilt with Hlaba Nkunze and her cubs being back at the lodge.

The one Cub was lying down right above the kitchen’s door on the thatch roof, which was incredible seeing. She calmly lay there watching everything that was happening around her, this was the perfect view point, as the view from up there must be truly breathtaking!

Gary and I were fortunate enough to be at the lodge with the staff this afternoon to take some photos of this cub relaxing on the roof.

Even Dave and his guests, who was on game drive saw the cub while sitting in another sighting not too far away from the lodge.

All this got even more spectacular shortly after, when Hlaba Nkunze and the other cub joined her on the roof.

It was quite a special moment seeing all three leopards on the roof of the kitchen. They spent the next couple of days in and around camp, visiting some of the rooms and the main deck of the lodge.

0 thoughts on “Leopards keeping an eye over the lodge

  1. Fantastic Heinrich,

    It’s great to see a "resident" Leopard filling the Great Ones paw prints, and those cubs will hopefully come to regard it as their Safe Haven too, the legend lives through her offspring.

  2. What a gal! Still workin on my video of her and cub playing with the monkey. So wish we were with you all!

    Cheers! Joy

  3. Thank you, it’s a pleasure being able to share all the experiences! Just before the guests got back from game drive last night, Hlaba Nkunze and both her cubs walked through the reception area and drank from the pool at the main deck.. was very special!

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