Images of 1 of Makwela’s Cubs

Posted on June 23, 2008

Finally I managed to photographed one of Makwela’s Cubs yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon my guests and I had a phenomanal sighting of Makwela and her 3 cubs. One of the cubs was much bolder than his 2 siblings and got on top of the rock in perfect sunlight.

0 thoughts on “Images of 1 of Makwela’s Cubs

  1. What a pleasure and what a priveledge, great shots of these little beauties. Well done Marius, you have captures this precious moment exquisitely, I have a feeling we will be seeing some of these pictures again in publications, they certainly deserve to be.

  2. oh my ! to think we had the privelege of seeing them when the cubs were just days old. now, wow ! a most wonderful job as usual marius.. blessings to all at the wonderful loepard hills. judy richards

  3. Back in 2001 we thought her cubs were male because they were so bold; and they were six old. How do you know the gender so soon? Makwela is just one k— a– broad.

  4. Too cute!! Great shots Marius!
    Hoping to get a few shots of them myself when I visit next weekend! :o)

  5. What fantastic shots Marius, you really have a talent. Hope to see you back soon in the bush.

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