Hlaba Nkunzi You Beauty!!

Posted on January 6, 2012

As we suspected, she has given birth and yesterday afternoon as the Game Drives left the Lodge, she was located carrying a cub out of the Lodge heading north.

We can almost pin point to the day we believe she gave birth, the 16th of December, and since then she has been in and out of the Lodge on an almost daily basis.

We have been speculating as to how many she cubs she has had, Raymond is convinced just the one, I was hoping for two, but all indications are Raymond is right…again!!!! She left Camp with this little bundle of “fluff” yesterday afternoon heading north, and from what we can ascertain, she has not returned to move anymore, but again, time will tell.

She has moved the Cub into a secluded river bed about a kilometre north of the Lodge, and there we have left her be until she decides she is ready to bring the little one out and introduce it to us. Gary managed to get the below picture as she wondered right past his vehicle, completely unfazed to his presence, what a privilege, and now it is up to us to give her the respect and space she needs until she is ready to bring the “little one” out again to meet us.

We will keep you posted here on the Blog and our Face Book Page

14 thoughts on “Hlaba Nkunzi You Beauty!!

  1. What a fantastic New Year’s gift for LH. Can’t wait to hear more about the bundle of fluff when mum is ready, in the meantime Gary’s pic is fantastic.

  2. Oh that is wonderful news! Love following the life stories of the leopard hills cats. We first saw Hlaba Nkunzi when she was a cub herself.

  3. Wonderful to see both the blood line and the trust in the safety of Leopard Hills being maintained.
    Raymond, you are an Ace, Man ! – you have got to teach us how you do that.

    Gary, once again we are indebted for your speed with that camera.

    Wishing them, and all of you, Well for the New Year

  4. What a wonderful New Year’s "present"…. thank you for being so caring and careful of her needs; can’t wait till she brings the baby out to meet all of us.

  5. First baby pictures!! Just incredible and what a smile it puts on everyone’s face!! what a gift to see….thanx as always for sharing!

  6. Well Gary, "wild man"…ya did it again…congratulations on the sighting and the pics!
    Hope this wee one makes it to adulthood.
    Our best to you and all at LH. And, oh yes, Raymond, you be da Man!.
    Joy,(Isidingo Lover),Camarillo CA 🙂

  7. She came back to the place that she knew was safe to have her cub…where her mother Makwela brought her when she was a cub!
    I wish her well, and hope her survives to do the same with her cubs.
    Ooops…maybe it’s a male…

  8. I was thrilled to hear her having given birth over the December period and so wonderful to now have this picture to view this wonderful Makwela bloodline continuing with Hlaba Nkuzi. We pray her little one will be protected during these delicate days. Keep us posted LH Team and keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks to all of you for keeping us apprised of events at Leopard Hills. It makes us feel connected, even far away in Texas, until we can return, which we will.
    All of the great photography, as well as the updates on the animals and community there, are a true joy.

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