Hlaba Nkunzi roaring and claiming what’s hers!

Posted on March 9, 2011

Hlabankunzi is back and announcing her territory in style!

After all the drama she has had to deal with in the last 2 months it is no wonder she has been keeping a low profile.

With her cub safely stashed in the east she was back at Leopard Hills the other night, a mere 500m from the lodge scent marking and roaring like I’ve never heard a female leopard roar before!

I’m sure all other female’s considering taking this prime territory promptly scurried off the other way! She is also possibly calling the Xinzele male, letting him know where she is (away from the cub) so he thinks there might be a chance to mate.

Enjoy the video below, especially the roaring, turn up the volume at the end!

[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

11 thoughts on “Hlaba Nkunzi roaring and claiming what’s hers!

  1. Hi Dave, thank you for sharing with us the wonderfull sights and sounds of Africa! Last pictures were also very nice, must be the Canon he! Katrien and Patrick

  2. It is absolutely fascinating to see her safe back home and of course HEAR her! Thank you so much Dave, what a queen like mother like daughter!

  3. Just makes the heart smile!!! I loved how she turned at the end as if to say "I’m back! This is my home"! thanx so much for keeping us in the Leopard Hills loop…

  4. Great behavioural sighting Dangerous!! This puts to rest any doubt, that I indeed heard her on my last visit there. This audio is incredible and yes, it will become another ringtone.

    Have to admit, the "vegetarian Leopard" comment had me chuckling. You sure fit the boot of entertaining and informative staff atop "The Hill" Will be up there soon and look forward to seeing her again.

  5. Thanks everyone for all the comments and interest in this very special leopard!

    Must get that ringtone off you Andrew, come visit "The Hill" soon.

  6. It was so good so see our lady again. Dave thank you for the video and it was good to hear your voice again.

    Heather & Brian Daly
    Aliso Viejo, California

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