Hlaba Nkunzi Female Leopard’s Cubs

Posted on March 18, 2010

Finally we have had a view of Hlaba Nkunzi’s new cubs

After safari this morning I got a very excited call from Gary.

He rushed down to my house and told me that he just received a phone call from June the tracker/ranger from Ululapa that they could see the leopard cubs.

We jumped into the Land Rover and 5 minutes later we watched 2, approximately 2 and a half month old, leopard cubs.

I first saw Hlaba Nkunzi when she was about the age of her cubs and watched and photographed her for the last 4 years.

She has grown into one of the most beautiful female leopards I have ever seen.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage any good photos but will keep everyone posted on their progress and will hopefully have great images to share in the near future.

0 thoughts on “Hlaba Nkunzi Female Leopard’s Cubs

  1. This is such awesome news…I am so happy!! I am sure she will be just as fantastic a mother as Makwela was.


  2. Marius, this is wonderful news indeed! She is saving the viewing of her 2 angels for when I come over Easter – as my Easter gift, so get your Landrover ready for plenty action!
    Cheers till then
    Michelle – the redhead!

  3. Wonderful news Marius, thank you for sharing, the dawning of a new era is always so special.We will all be willing them on.


  4. Thank you Marius for the wonderful news looking forward to seeing pictures and getting to know these new cubs

  5. And Guess what? I was at Djuma in meetings when this happened and everyone saw them but me……bummer.

    However I was rewarded with a sighting of a sub adult male Leopard hunting a two week old hippo calf on my way home, I kid you not……..

  6. Gosh they were just too cute, what a wonderful way to start the day. Sorry you missed them Dunx!

  7. This is indeed great news. Marius, Gary, Gaza… I hope to see some good images in the next few months.

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