Hlaba Nkunzi and Xinzele checking in

Posted on May 28, 2011

These two regular visitors joined us again at Leopard Hills during the week

Game Drive on Monday morning started very soon after leaving the lodge, we joined up with Hlaba Nkunzi and Xinzele on the Access a couple of hundred meters from the lodge itself.

They were walking straight down the road, in our direction,changing direction slightly to take the scenic route through some thick bush on the Northern Side of the lodge. We caught up with them coming out of the bush around room 7 and again they changed direction towards the boma.

At this stage everyone was very excited that the two leopards were so close to the lodge. Little did we know how exciting it would become…

We followed them around as they entered the boma through the back entrance – taking their time inside – then leaving the boma through the main entrance.

Luckily we were positioned on the side of the library to see them walk out of the boma and around the library towards the rooms.

As we got through the gardens ( Sorry Duncan and Louise, for driving through the plants ), we sat on the path between the library entrance and room 2’s walkway – watching them casually walk through.

After this they walked over Room 1’s deck with Duncan looking on through the smoke – and carried on through the rest of the lodge.

Was amazing seeing these animals around the lodge again, they’ve been seen for the past couple of days – spending a lot of time in her territory. Will keep you updated on their movements and if we see any mating taking place!

It has been an exciting week and this great sighting started it off..!

Video was taken by John Davison during the drive, thanks for the great footage!

LibraryRoom 2

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9 thoughts on “Hlaba Nkunzi and Xinzele checking in

  1. Here kitty kitty kitty …. what a treat! and right in your front/back yard .. you’re so lucky. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OH Heinrich,

    Way to go cats, just come on in!!! Love your video.

    Thank you,

  3. Great Video. Don’t scare them away. We’ll be there in September. Our favorite vacation spot.

  4. Are these cats getting a bit too familiar?
    We have been following the blogs as regular visitors to Sabi Sands (but to a nearby lodge, whose blog is not as good as yours).
    How long before they make the discovery that guests are edible (and easy to catch)?

  5. Hi Ian, you make a good point and firstly thank you for the complement regarding our blog, we strive to keep it up to date and current.

    Firstly we take the utmost precautions to ensure the safety of our Guests and Staff are paramount at all times.

    Since we opened the Lodge 13 years ago, we have been blessed with frequent sightings of Leopard in around the Lodge,and we have always treated these, and all other animals in Camp with the utmost respect. We have a history with Leopard, indeed the Lodge was named after cubs born in a cave under where our kitchen is built, and this cave has been used on more than one occasion for Leopards to hide or give birth to their cubs since then.

    We take the view that this is their home and we are privileged to share it with them. No actions on our behalf have in the past, or will in the future, put their safety or the safety of our Guests and Staff in any question, we take this very seriously indeed.

  6. Been out of the country and just reviewed this video. OMG I would give almost anything to have seen this!!!!!

    Regarding Safety, Know that all the LH staff puts their guests’ safety as a top priority. Had I walked out and seen this fantastic moment, don’t think I would have felt much danger here. Sit still, take a deep breath, don’t run away and enjoy the moment. 🙂 Joy

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