Great to be BACK

Posted on December 16, 2009

After Vanessa and my phenomenal honeymoon I have been treated with some awesome sightings.

Another week has past in the African bush and as per usual the sightings have been phenomenal.

As mentioned in my previous post the leopard sightings have been nothing short of sensational, the below image shows the intimate relationship between a female leopard and her one year old cub. When the cub reaches maturity at about 2 years she and her mother will split. After the final good bye mom and daughter will have no more contact and will even compete for the same territory.

As usual sightings in and around the various water holes in the reserve has been really special. I viewed and photographed a buffalo bull drinking one afternoon and a couple of afternoons later had no less than 35 elephants all drinking and swimming in one of the dams.

This morning I enjoyed an awesome sighting of a male lion lying in the lush green summer grass.

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  1. Love the Lion shot, the green green grass of Summer and the Male Lion just epitomize the Sabi Sand Reserve this time of the year.

    Well done on getting your Wild Dog picture on the front cover of Africa Geographic for the Feb issue, well deserved.

  2. Marius, so glad you and Vanessa had a fab honeymoon. What a treat to return to such an eden to work! Love the baby ellie – watching elephants in water has to be one of the most captivating and emotional experiences every time I get the chance to observe such joy. As for the mapogo in the grass – WOW. Thank you again for sharing your world. Well done too as Duncan says!

  3. Hi Marius

    Debbie and I are so pleased for Vanessa and you it must be wonderful to have lives togther that transend the more traditional work/private seperation congratulations. I Love your photos as usual and we hope to be with you in 2010 with my Dad too. He will absoloutely love the experince as I’m sure everyone does! Take care till then and have a wonderful first married Christmas
    James and Debbie Monteith

  4. Sorry we missed you in Las Vegas. We know you had a great time in the "States". Looking forward to February African Geo. See vyou in July. Joan and Arnold

  5. Hi Marius,

    Great to have you back..the blog has been a little quite & we have missed looking at your photos which are always great. I agree with Duncan, the Lion is beautiful. Cannot wait to see the cover of Africa Geo.


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