Fire Side Chat

Posted on July 21, 2009

Wild Earth and Leopard Hills meet around a fire in the Bush.

On Friday 17th July I met with the Team from Wild Earth up at Djuma Private Game Reserve, and we spent an hour around the Camp Fire chatting with new friends and old.

We have uploaded the Chat onto the blog; see below, for those that missed it live on Friday. I appreciate that for slower internet connections it is going to be a little difficult to view as the streaming speed is very slow, however we are working on an edited version which will hopefully rectify this problem, we will post it as soon as possible once the editing has been completed.

If you want to stop the video segment you are currently viewing, click on the pause button and move onto the next video.

Thanks again to the Wild Earth Team for your hospitality.

Pieter, Presenter, and Herman, Camera Man, give an introduction and chat about their recent visit to Leopard Hills.

Pieter and Herman continue their discussion about their trip to Leopard Hills.

Duncan joins Pieter at the Fire Side.

0 thoughts on “Fire Side Chat

  1. Duncan it was great to see you at the fireside chat with us hope you can come back soon and tell us more wonderful stories about your life and sightings at leopard hills

  2. Thank you for giving us the chance to share this amazing concept. I am totally hooked now. I just loved listening to the stories from the past. We recently spent 4 nights at Leopard Hills, which was no where near long enough, but after listening to the chats, I feel I have learnt so much about it.

    Looking forward to hearing so much more.

    Thank you

  3. Thanks all, very interesting.

    I wonder if you can clarify who the father of Hlaba Nkunzi is? Duncan states it is Tegwaane but I always understood it was the Wallingford male and Tegwaane killed one of the subsequent litter after Hlaba Nkunzi because Wallingford was the father!

  4. Sepp Hi, my apologies I have not even seen the above footage since I did the fire side chat, and not having done so I can see what you are referring to, indeed the Wallingford male is the father of Hlaba Nkunzi,sorry I must have got caught up in the moment.

  5. Thanks for clarifying Duncan. Much appreciated. Better have a word to your script writer!
    Seriously this was very entertaining and informative. Looking forward to the next one. I got caught up in the moments too!

  6. Hi all

    I am thinking about a travel to South Africa , and i would like to be in the area Sabi Sands, Kruger and Djuma.

    I would like to stay in the lodges that i see on webcams. Nkorho, Leopardhills and Djuma.

    I dont need a 5 star room, i can do with an airbed and a sleepingbed, as long as as it is safe to sleep! so even a 1 * can do as long as bed bugs dont bite me.

    I want/need a car so i can go were-ever i want to go and be Free and explore!!!

  7. Duncan, Wonderful to see you and the Wildearth segments! Here I am a half an earth away and felt like I was right there in Djuma. Nothing like fireside chats…. reminds me of my Dad and I in the California Sierras. Such a special time to be with nature and away from all the noise and hubub of the cities and towns. So look forward to your next appearances and comments!!!!!
    Joy, Camarillo Ca

    PS, to Iceage: You will LOVE Leopard Hills: accomodations, staff, food, guides, rangers, etc, etc. ya gotta do this!

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