Feedback on the Hippo Attack Saga

Posted on March 11, 2008

I have received many requests for answers as to the outcome of the Hippo Saga, and what happened to the Hippo after the video ended.

Unfortunately for the Hippo, the five male lions eventually rolled it completely upside down in the river and it drowned shortly after. The lions then stood on it, as if using it as an island, and fed until it was a manageable size to drag out of the water. During the initial feeding frenzy, they were harassed by a crocodile, but when you have five male lions together, even the crocodile showed them some respect.

If you missed out on this amazing video, click here to watch it now:

Lions attack a Hippo

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  1. Samanta Hi. I have seen this video before, but the embedded code is hidden, so it is not possible to add it without Bruce and Wilma’s permission, hopefully they will read this and add it to the blog for us. In the meantime I will see if I can track them down and get the go ahead. Thanks for adding to the comments, I look forward to seeing you adding some articles yourself.

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