Earth Hour 2011

Posted on March 28, 2011

As we do every year, Leopard Hills did its part to contribute to Earth Hour.

The picture below was taken by Gary 10 minutes after we shut all the lights off at the Lodge to support the initiative of Earth Hour.

Gary such an incredible picture, you never cease to amaze me how you put so much thought into a picture and especially here in the way you have framed the topic so professionally, this really has to be your best yet.

8 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2011

  1. Dear friends,

    Is there anyway that we are allowed to use this picture for commercial purposes?

    The benefits of it will go to a charity fund.

    Off course Gary will get all the credits

    Ron van der A, The Netherlands.

  2. another tearful moment >>>tears of laughter !!!well done gary this could be a best seller . all major magazines will want this classic photo …. flicker website has crashed so many orders : )

  3. We were forced to celebrate Earth Day. The transformer in our townYY blew up at 10:30 AM and didn’t go back in service until 9:30. Yes, even in America!!

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