Earth Hour 2010

Posted on March 24, 2010

On the 27th March 2010, Leopard Hills will be participating in World Earth Hour.

Leopard Hills will be “in the dark” for one hour on Saturday as part of our pledge to World Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is a WWF sustainability initiative that challenges individuals, businesses, schools, universities, towns and cities to join millions of people across the world in forming part of a global action against Climate Change

The official press statement released by Eskom(South Africa’s Official Power Supplier) revealed that, from an environmental angle, a staggering 400 tons of carbon dioxide, 224 tons of coal and 576 kilolitres of water was saved due to a staggering 400MW of electricity culmitively conserved during Earth Hour. In laymans terms, this translates into 6,7 million 60W bulbs being switched off.

Leopard Hills is committed to conservation and reducing its carbon footprint.

We hope that by us pledging to Earth Hour we can convince many people around the world to take part too.

We would love you to join us in being a part of the global movement to a happier and healthier planet.

0 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2010

  1. Well done…Wish we could be there to share the special occasion. Instead we are going to take Mia to the JHB zoo.


  2. I think we should do it every day, an hour a year is a drop in the ocean. AND a dark hour in the bush is so special….I will be there Van.

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