Cubs come out to play!

Posted on October 25, 2012

Our two favourite leopard ladies have enticed their latest additions to come out and play in the cooler weather over the past week!

Nestled right between the territories of both females and their respective den sites, Leopard Hills has truly lived up to our name this week!

First it was 6 and a half year old Hlaba Nkunzi who brought out her little one on a rainy afternoon and then it was 6 year old Metsi’s turn! She gave us a once in a lifetime display yesterday with her cub on a rock! We are still not sure if Metsi has one or two cubs, this little one below was very brave though considering it was his first view of vehicles.

Enjoy the pictures and video, the 2 litters of cubs are estimated to be around the same tender age of 6 weeks!
[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

Metsi’s cub about to emerge…look closely!

Groomed by a caring mom.

Bravely looking out into the world, with a paw firmly attached to mom of course.

Getting too brave…mom has to bring him back!

3 thoughts on “Cubs come out to play!

  1. Absolutely georgeous Dave. Fab footage. They are just sooo cute….hope they are looked after well by Mum and grow to be happy and free from worries. Kaz from Australia.

  2. The hallowed grounds of Leopard Hills just never cease to amaze. Brilliant Dave, and here’s to hoping Hlaba Nkunzi is that bit wiser and can succeed this time. I have been out of touch, so not sure how many males have been frequenting her territory, yet will remain hopeful that she can do it this time.

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