Congratulations Marius

Posted on July 31, 2008

I would like to congratulate Marius on his fantastic photographic achievement

Marius has an incredible talent when it comes to photography and this has been proved time and time again when it comes to some of the stunning images he has produced over the years, many of which many of you will have seen posted here on the blog and on the monthly Rangers Reports.

I must congratulate Marius on his most recent achievement in getting some of his pictures published in the August copy of Africa Geographic. I will always remember Marius telling me a few years ago while he was thumbing his way through a copy of Africa Geographic, “one day when I am big, I am going to have some of my photos published in a magazine like this”.

Well Marius I think you have officially come of age, well done, an outstanding achievement, personally I think they are lucky to have your pictures in their magazine.

Marius Coetzee Photographer

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  1. I can only concur with Duncan… Well done, Marius – we are really proud of your achievement.

  2. I have grabbed a couple of your shots and printed them. Makwela and the cubs sits next to my computer. Thank you Marius. Can’t wait until I get my copy of August AG.

  3. congratulations marius! as soon as hef gets his august AG copy i’m sure he’ll be calling you to do the next big photo shoot!

  4. Well done young man, it is a priveledge to watch your talent emerge, you provide the driving urge for all of us to return again and again to try to improve our own techniques.

    Thank you for so much pleasure given

  5. This is just wonderful! Leopard Hills is so lucky to have you and your talent.

    Congratulations, Marius.

    Joy in Camarillo
    Aug 28, 2008

  6. a well deserved recognition for an incredibly talented man.

    Congratulations Marius and I’m sure this is the start of many achievements and accolades in the future.

  7. Dear Marius

    I am interested to know what camera equipment you use.
    I will be visiting you over Christmas and I am in the process of buying a new lens for the trip. Any tips?


    Graham Beale

  8. hey bud, a big well done on this news mate, first i have heard of it!

    agree that you have really developed into a class of your own over the last year or so, the quality of your work is inspiring…keep it up man!


    The Chad

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