Congratulations Daniel & Vanessa

Posted on May 12, 2008

In true British style there were a few drops of rain to bless this special day.

Click the article to see the pictures.

A big congratulations to Vanessa and Daniel Bowers who were wed at Leopard Hills on 11.05.08

It was a very special union for such a lovely couple, the team at Leopard Hills wish them the very best for their marriage.

35 thoughts on “Congratulations Daniel & Vanessa

  1. Congratulations to my wonderful brother and sister in law
    Lots of Love Zoe Mike and Boys xx

  2. Sitting here in sunny southsea and we discover… You did it! Huge congratulations to you both and have the happiest of honeymoons together!

    Must dash now as a leopard is about to eat one of the children in the garden…

    Lots of love from bec & wendy may x x x

  3. Congratulations! Congratulations!
    It looks like you both had an amazing day-here’s a toast to the happy couple and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon-the resort looks fantastic! xx

  4. congratulations to you both. Have a wonderful honeymoon. Love the photos.
    we toasted you both with pink champagne at the appropriate time.
    love mum and dad B.

  5. You two are so special, such wonderful people, we loved hosting your special day and wish you love and happiness for the future and don’t forget to visit your bush family again soon
    Louise, Duncan, Megan and Kiara

  6. congratulations. wishing you a fabulous honeymoon and a teriffic start to your married life together.

  7. The photo’s were lovely. You both looked very relaxed. Have a lovely stay in South Africa.

    Much luv

  8. Congratulations to the very obviously happy couple! And many thanks for the pictures. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.
    Love all at EPS X X X

  9. You look lovely Vanessa (and Dan too!). It sounded like a brillant day. Many congratulations!

  10. It so wonderful to see their family and friends leaving comments.
    They really were a wonderful couple , and we had such an amazing time with them.

  11. I knew you would both love Africa and you will have some very special memories of your wedding day and honeymoon. I think your smiles tell all. My warmest congratulations to you both.

  12. Wow! Congratulations to you. looks amazing. Every one will enjoy seeing the photos. Wish we could have joined you. look forward to seeing you to hear all about it. Nic and I have decided we would like to visit.

    Lots of love to you both.

    David, Nicola, Chloe and Oliver

  13. Many congratulations to you both.Nessie you look stunning,love the dress and we adore photo number 4 – you both look amazing.Enjoy your time in Africa,in wedded bliss.Cannot wait to hear all about it.The whole place looks fantastic.Love to you & Dan.

    Lots of Claire,Chris & Jacob.

  14. We had such a fabulous time at leopard hills. Who could say that they had tracked leopards for 5 hours before they popped back to get married. Leopard Hills is a very special place and we feel that we have made great friendships with so many of you. Vanessa, Louise and Duncan you really made our wedding day an event to remember always with your warmth and genuine joy at sharing this momentous event with us. Special thanks to Hannes and Bridget for their invaluable support on the day. Marius, Ronald Raymond and Jude what would we have seen without you guys.. (nothing). Chilling in Mozambique now but nothing compares to the experience we had with you. Thank you.
    Brilliant to read all the congratulations for everyone. It is really lovely to hear from you all

  15. Congratulations! I was so emotional when i saw the pic’s of my big sis getting married. You both looked awesome.
    Enjoy the rest of your hol’s.
    Love to you both

  16. You looked radiant on your special day Vanessa, and Dan of course. What a magical place Africa is, you will have some lovely memories of your happy day. Continue to enjoy. Congratulations to you both xx

  17. Well, well, well,

    CONGRATULATIONS you lovely couple. The location looks amazing and as for you two…….WOW!!! Flowers, cake, elephants to order – they certainly took care of you and I’m so happy for you both.

    (Mind you Vanessa, what was wrong with their gym eh?)

    Can’t wait to see you. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

    Heaps of love

    Ru. x x x x x

  18. Congratulations to both of you. Place looks very swish, and you managed to get a picture of Dan without a cap! Hope the rest of the holiday goes well.

    The cats are living it up with the run of the house.

    Big Lad, Helen, Nick, George and Lily.

  19. We’re so thrilled to see the photos of the big day! You both look so happy together. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you return.

    Huge love to you two

    Fiona and Jonathan xxx

  20. Nesssss!!! You did it you sneak! You both look fantastic and SO happy. What a fabulous place to tie the knot. Huge congratulations to you both and lots of best wishes for your future.
    We miss you on the Island!

  21. Fab ! Fab ! You’ve made my day – Congratulations to you both. How wonderfully romantic x Lots of love Siobhan

  22. Hey Vanessa!!

    Congratulations to you both! You look fantastic and so happy!

    Come over and see us soon!


  23. Hi Dan and Vanessa

    We are so happy for you, welcome to the family Dan, God bless you both, happiness always. love from Mum and Dad.
    the photos were lovely.

  24. Hi Dan and Ness, Late leaving a message – sorry about that!! Saw the pictures the day after but didn’t realise you could leave a message. Paul and I are so very happy for you both, what a wonderful place to get married. Cant wait to see the dvd and rest of the piccies. Brace yourselves because I got quite emotional looking at the ones on this site so I might just cry like a baby!!
    Love you both very much,
    Your little sis (Tilly) and Paul xxx

  25. Ness and Dan, everybody’s right ,
    you both look so happy together,great photo’s ,what an amazing location to get married in,the African sky is so blue ! and Ness you look fantastic in that dress .I’ve never seen Dan look so happy!
    Show me the photo’s soon,
    Lots of love
    xxx Joe

    Many Congratulations Mr and Mrs Bowers !

  26. Many Many Congratulations indeed!!
    you both look so chilled! and like it was all such fun!! (as well as being momentous too of course!!) can’t wait to hear all about it!! Trying to think of some meaningful metaphor about leopard tracking and marriage!! but I think I’ll just leave that one there!
    lots and lots of love,
    from Sophie,(Joe and Judah too of course!)

  27. Many Many Congratulations indeed!!
    you both look so chilled! and like it was all such fun!! (as well as being momentous too of course!!) can’t wait to hear all about it!! Trying to think of some meaningful metaphor about leopard tracking and marriage!! but I think I’ll just leave that one there!
    lots and lots of love,
    from Sophie,(Joe and Judah too of course!)

  28. Hi guys, Vanessa I see you went along with Alan’s hair instead of getting Dan to wear it!! you both looked great, was so disappointed at not being able to stay on to be your witnesses, love, happiness and blessings to you both. Love Caroline and Peter xxxxxx

  29. Vanessa/Dan, if you are up Crawley way sometime please let us know. We’d like to meet you for coffee and look at your other photos. We were sad to leave Leopard Hills and we tried to stay another day but they were fully booked. If you have thirty minutes to meet for coffee that would be great. If not, then I guess you are busy organising post-wedding projects like decorating and what have you. Peter and Caroline.

  30. Hi Guys,
    You and the place look beautiful. Nessy, it looks like all the badgering you gave the travel agents payed off! See you soon.
    Love Amanda and Damon

    So glad you had a wonderful time.
    Wishing you all the best for your future together from everyone at Elite.
    Kindest Regards
    Olivia @Elite Vacations

  32. Congratulations and all good wishes. Glad the rings were as you wanted them.
    Love Bruce and Ingrid

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